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On September 3rd, the International Strategy Center together with the Seoul National University Institute of Latin American Studies and the Sogang University Department of Sociology held an international forum entitled “Understanding the Crises of Latin American Left Parties.” The forum explored the current crises facing the left in Latin America. The purpose of the forum was to cut through the global media distortion and fog to understand the true nature of the contradictions and challenges facing Latin American left parties internally and externally. Despite their errors and limitations, Latin American left parties remain at the frontlines of the struggle against and alternatives to neoliberalism. If we are to ensure the success of their frontline struggle against neoliberalism as well as discern their lessons and apply them, we must have clear and objective understanding of what is happening. Given this importance, we dedicate September’s World Current Report to the papers presented in the forum. (click here for PDF version)

  1. Keynote
    1. Is this the end of the progressive cycle in Latin America?
  2. Crises of Social-Democratic Left parties
    1. The crisis in Brazil and the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff
  3. Crises of Populist Left parties
    1. The populist Left in Latin America and rebuilding the nation-state
    2. Crisis of Latin America’s Left: How should we understand it? A diagnosis and forecast of the Post-Chavez Maduro government
  4. US relationship with Latin America
    1. Exposing the devil: US foreign policy towards Latin America
  5. Strategies for change for Latin America
    1. People’s power and political instruments in South America
  6. Sketch
    1. A sketch of the international forum “Understanding the crises of Latin American Left parties