Our Team & Mission

The International Strategy Center is a Seoul-based group of researchers, writers, activists, and community organizers. For the past 7 years, we've been dedicated to supporting each other in becoming aware, socially-engaged, connected, and empowered citizens of the world.

Amidst a landscape of information overload, clickbait, misinformation, and inflammatory media, we are passionate about good investigative journalism and filling in information gaps. It is the poorest and most vulnerable that suffer from toxic capitalism, and it is also this group whose voices are disproportionately left absent from many media headlines, history books, and most education systems. Our free monthly newsletter "The SU:P", our research papers, and translated books aim to give a platform to the voices of international social movements, keeping community members informed, connected, and inspired.

Solving the structural crisis of toxic capitalism requires international solidarity between movements. In order to strengthen and connect various movements in each country, our solidarity activities foster the exchange of knowledge and human connection, despite international social movements being divided and isolated by geography, culture, and language.

Our lectures and events include discussion groups, community gathering, as well as international solidarity travel and engagement opportunities. Recent activities include our Seoul historical tour program, feminist lectures and discussion groups, FTA discussion groups, Korea-US relations lecture, Venezuela research trip, international interviews, etc. We even organize music concerts, dinners, and casual community gatherings, aiming to share knowledge that is critical to understanding social and political issues more fully, dispelling myths and illuminating under-reported stories. We operate from a solutions-based perspective, always trying to share with you the most effective ways to make a positive difference.

We welcome you to join us and subscribe to our newsletter to become a part of our vibrant and empowering community. Let's create a safer, more just, more connected, and more impassioned world together! Positivity, Peace, and Power~