2018 November SU:P Newsletter (Vol.43)

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1. Blackness: An Exploration of Cultural Identity in the African Diaspora
In the age of #BlackLivesMatter and Trump’s racism, Solidarity Correspondent Ronald Collins explores a slice of what it means to be Black through history, politics, and personal experience. What were and are the past and present external and internal forces that have birthed and grown Black identity to what it is today? (read)

2. From Seoul Station to Pyeongyang
Jesse Edwards reflects on the Peace and Reunification Tour co-hosted by the International Strategy Center. “...On October 14 of this year, departing from Seoul toward the DMZ on the Peace and Reunification Tour, I began to feel optimistic as people gave their introductions while showing confidence in the Panmunjom Declaration and the Pyeongyang Declaration. A few expressed that their wishes of someday traveling north could soon be realized. If I had any doubts about the future of the peace talks between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In, they simply didn’t matter anymore. This was the time for hope…” (read)

3. America’s Domestic Turbulence Unlikely to Hamper the Korean Peace Process
The United States Democratic Party won a House majority in the 2018 Midterm Elections, with at least 233 seats to the Republican Party’s 199. In the senate, the Republicans added one more to its majority totaling 52. With President Trump negotiating a peace treaty with North Korea and the Democrats criticizing his efforts, what might the midterm elections mean for peace in Korea? And how might a surging left wing transform the Democratic Party into a party of peace and reform? (read)