2019 February SU:P Newsletter (Vol.46)

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1. ‘Resistance’ Media Side With Trump to Promote Coup in Venezuela
National media watch dog FAIR exposes and dismantles the mainstream media narrative supporting the Venezuelan opposition’s US backed coup. It exposes ongoing US intervention supporting the opposition and debunks the mainstream media’s unfounded premise that the Maduro government is illegitimate. (read)

2. [Solidarity Statement] Hands Off Venezuela!
As the US backed coup against the democratically elected Maduro government takes form, we stand in solidarity with Venezuela against US intervention. Examining the history of US intervention in Latin America and the world reveals intervention has propped up the interests of the elite against the needs and desires of the many leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, dictatorships, and social ruin. With this declaration we add our voice to all those around the world in solidarity with Venezuela that see in its struggle the challenges and possibilities of building a better world.  (read)