Venezuela’s National Assembly Elections in Pictures


Chungbuk National University Professor Seok-Ryol Hurh and Head of the Yongsan Branch of the Justice Party Yeon Wook Chung served as observers to Venezuela’s December 6 National Assembly elections. They witnessed the voting process from the setting up of the voting stations at 5 AM to the counting of votes. The following are photos by Yeon Wook Chung.

image24 image09
After arrival of a CNE representative, the person in charge of the voting location announces installation of the voting system. Observers from each political party enter so that the voting station can be installed.
image43 image07image34
A sign at the entrance of each voting location notifies voters about the voting station corresponding to their ID number. (Top) Voting machines are installed in an elementary school classroom. (Bottom) People line up to vote starting the morning.
image04 image15
People give their identification cards and receive their voting station number. The voter’s identity is confirmed upon entrance to the voting station. A print out of the electronic vote is placed inside the box on the right.
 image26  image25
Voting is concluded when the voter places the printed vote into the voting box. After voting, the voter’s identity is confirmed again and they sign off that they have voted.
image42 image14


Finally, to indicate that they have voted, people dip their pinky finger into purple ink that remains for a week. (Top) An assistant voter helps someone vote.

(Bottom) A mid-way press conference is held with CNE employees and international observers to confirm that voting is proceeding smoothly.

image11 image39
Employees and volunteers work to ensure voting is running smoothly in their region. The President of the CNE reports on the state of voting mid-way through the process.
image06 image32
Police, people, soldiers work together to safeguard the voting. A soldier explains to international election observers the voting situation in his region.



In the afternoon, people check their voting station and wait in line to vote. The person in charge of the voting place announces that due to delays from problems with the voting machines, the original closing time for votes will be extended past 6 PM.
image28 image30image40


People vote by choosing their candidate and party through a touchscreen. The photo was taken after completion of votes but before dismantlement. After voting concluded, to start the counting process, a CNE employee inputs his password, followed by observers from political parties and civil society
image27 image36


After CNE employees and observers input their passwords, the results are printed out and the number of votes for each party and candidate is verified. (Top) The printed votes are counted. (Bottom) Counting involves verifying that the number of electronic and printed votes for each candidate and party are the same.
 image35 After the voting is completed, Venezuela’s Secretary of Defense reports that the voting process took place without any big problems.


Yeon Wook Chung

(Head of the Yongsan Branch of the Justice Party, 2014 Venezuela delegate)