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Open Lecture Series: 2nd Commemoration of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy- A Bus of Waiting and Remembrance

April 16 was the second anniversary of Sewol Ferry tragedy. Last year in the first anniversary, the ISC hosted the open lecture series  “The Truth Must Not Sink With Sewol.” In it we : A Talk with the Sewol Victims’ Families" at the first anniversary at the Gwanghwamun Square. Also we did international photo campaign and gathered signatures for the petition to support the demands of victims’ families. At that time we hoped that their demands would be achieved before the second anniversary. Yet no truth has been revealed, 9 people have not been come back, and Sewol Ferry is still under the cold water. Thus the ISC with the participants took the Bus of Waiting and Remembrance, co-organized by civil organization, Together Seoul, to Paengmok Harbor and Danwon High School. At Paengmok Harbor, we held a small memorial ceremony, paid respect to the victims, and left our messages at the shrine. Then we visited Danwon High school and could see the classrooms where the student should have come back after the trip. There were their pictures, gifts from people, and little notebooks that people can leave messages. Kim Jong-cheon, the General Secretary of 416 Memory Storage, told us the stories of victims, survivors, and their families. Also he explained the importance of record to be remembered and how it is important for us to remember. Last stop was Gwanghawmun Square where the 2nd People’s Commemoration of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy was held. Even it was raining whole time, many people joined. We won’t forget, we will remember, and we will act!