Reflections from the Organizers of Sewol Ferry Forum


Asian friends of Sewol prepared for the forum for over a month. Below are some of their reflections. Even though there was a language barrier, we never stopped communicating and we became “WE”  through the preparations. “I joined the Asian Friends of Sewol to keep my promise that I would not forget Sewol Ferry Tragedy. I will cherish this valuable memory and remember what the victim’s sister said about democracy. I will keep my interests in protecting democracy.”   – Bo-

“Even though we cannot communicate fully, I think the peace may be the hope for us [in this conference] to drink tea in rainy or hot summer days.” – Jeje-

“While I prepared for the forum, I thought about ‘Solidarity’ more. Attending a travel alternative school, I had heard that word many times. I think I witnessed a larger scale of solidarity.”  -Sol-

“I like the programs of the forum and I am grateful to have a chance to give my testimony in front of people and the victims’ families.” – Jaya-

“At first, I thought I would like to help the victims’ families even a bit, but I heard what victims’ families said and realized they are not fighting for themselves but for all of us.” – Won Jong-il-

“May our little deeds and efforts becomes the testimony. We all are justice seeking people, Let’s move forward together! “          -Namrata Funda Parvaiz-

“This is my first time of learning the tragedy outside my country deeply and I realize that every human being has the same feeling and response regardless of nation, age, sex, rich or poor.            -Naw Yuzana Thinn-

As someone in the field of child right advocacy in Nepal, it was a good experience for me to put forward my perception on the roles and responsibilities of concerned governments in both child trafficking to orphanages in Nepal and Sewol Ferry disaster in South Korea.    -Niwash Gautam-

We discussed the reasons of our pain, which was similar, and we gave hope to each other that dark days will last no longer. There will be a bright day. A day of hope, a day of peace in Asia.     -Hassan Rind-

I hope that this event can be a small starting step of people in Asia to take time to talk and reflect on a Asia together. In solidarity!     – Lalita Nim-

Everyone took extra measures to build network to bring audience to this event. It is a good exposure for our group. We have built valuable professional network in the community. In the future, everyone can benefit from this.     -Selvakumar Sivanathan-