ISC this month


On October 9th, the ISC went on historical trip to Gyeongsan Cobalt Mine in North Gyeongsang Province. The Cobalt Mine was excavated during the colonial period by the Japanese to arm its military efforts. Immediately after the outbreak of the Korean war, 3,500 people suspected of being North Korean sympathizers were executed and their bodies dumped into the mine. In late 1990, excavation was begun by the victims’ families. Then, in early 2000, the government provided funds for the excavation. However, excavation stopped when the government cuts off funds. The mine is living history where we can see how unrectified history can affect people in the present. As a result of ongoing efforts, on August 28th, the Supreme court ruled that the government should admit its illegal actions and compensate the victims’ families for their lost loved ones. The families and their supporters have plans to build a memorial tower and memorial hall around the mine to remember the victims and educate people about their untold histories. The trip was prepared to provide people with an opportunity to learn the truth often hidden within history and to join efforts to spread the real story.