Ronald Collins (Solidarity Correspondent)

To My Friends at the World Current Report: I was incredibly excited to hear that your publication will be expanding and getting more contributions from organizations and individuals across the globe. In the current reactionary climate that is being built in the US and across the western world an international movement has never been more necessary and this publication will continue to be a great way to keep our movement informed and connected. The more contributors you all have means that your readers will be able to get a broader perspective and create connections to more people with similar fights across the globe. I am excited about all of the knowledge I am sure to gain and keen to see what new organizations and individuals your readership will be exposed to. It is said that the key to any good democracy is a well informed electorate and the next steps that your publication is taking will ensure that the global electorate is well informed.

We have seen in the US how the failure of the Press to do their job can lead to catastrophic events across a society, and I believe that this transition will produce an amazing and informative international press outlet. Your dedication to providing an alternative look international news and politics will go a long way into creating a climate where more people feel that they can be involved in the movement and make change. As a Solidarity Correspondent I have had the pleasure of working with some of your amazing staff editors and I am glad to see that many others will also have the opportunity to learn and grow with you all. I want to wish you the very best of luck in 2017 and I look forward to seeing how the changes in the publication unfold.