Let’s go towards the constituent assembly!


Written by Huh Seok Ryol (Professor, Sociology Department, Chungbuk National University/Advisor, ISC)

** The International Strategy Center visited the Venezuelan Embassy in Korea to let people know the real situation in Venezuela and support the constituent assembly. We took pictures and videos with the picket “Let’s go towards the constituent assembly” to send solidarity messages to Venezuela.  (Photo:  the Venezuelan Embassy in Korea)

When Hugo Chavez, the former Venezuelan president who led the Bolivarian Revolution, died in March 2014, it was a great loss not only for the Venezuelan people but also for progressives and intellectuals in the world who supported his 21st century Socialism. After his death, however, the Nicolas Maduro administration, elected through a democratic and fair election, has been working hard to continue the Bolivarian Revolution by expanding the participatory democracy that Hugo Chavez started.

However, the opposition has not acknowledged Maduro administration. They have attempted to block the revolutionary process and restore the oligarchy that Venezuelans had rejected. They have also tried to destabilize Venezuela through violence disguised as people’s demonstration.

In December 2015, the opposition won an overwhelming victory in the general election taking advantage of the economic crisis. With the victory, they moved to oust Nicolas Maduro, the democratically elected president, before the end of his term.

While the Maduro administration examined the reasons for their defeat in the general election and strengthened communication with the people, they have asked the opposition to cooperate in stabilizing the politics and economy of the country. Ignoring the demand, the opposition has expanded their economic war, interfering in the supply of necessities into the country and by starting violent demonstration that have taken many lives in order to  collapse the current administration.

In this situation, the Maduro administration announced forming a constituent assembly through a constitutional process in order to stabilize Venezuela on May 1st. The election for the constituent assembly will be held on July 30th. Most of  the people support ending crisis. Despite continued interference by the opposition, people can finish candidate registration with the support of trade unions and civil society.

On election day, it seems that the opposition will use all its power to stop the election. It was also revealed that the US intelligence agency has actively supported the opposition’s goal of overthrowing the government.

In this situation, the Korean media, along with other mainstream media in the West have joined to demonize the Maduro administration and turn public opinion against the constituent assembly.

The election for the constituent assembly is a democratic political process led by people and must not be interrupted by any foreign force.  

If the US supported coup had succeeded in Venezuela, fascism would have been repeated like in Chile in the 1970s. In this regard, it is not helpful for democracy in Venezuela by criticizing Maduro administration unjustly with distorted or false information.

It is our duty, as a progressive force, to move towards a better world by supporting the Maduro administration that has worked to keep democracy in Venezuela by forming the constituent assembly and defending the Bolivarian revolutionary force.

Thus, we will stand with Venezuela to support the constituent assembly and spread the truth about Venezuela.