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Peace in the Korean Peninsula, but War in Soseongri

With the South-North Korea summit in April and the upcoming North and US summit in June, the winds of peace are blowing over the Korean peninsula. There is even talk of  “complete denuclearization” and “ending the war by the end of this year”. However, in Soseongri, a southern city in Seongju where the Terminal High Altitude…

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Telling the Government to First Solve North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Problem Is Absurd

On Jan. 9, high level North-South Korea took place for the first time in two years. In his New Year's address, President Moon Jae-in even mentioned the possibility of a North-South Summit talk.

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If You Don't Raise the Minimum Wage, Then a Bigger Calamity Will Follow... Let’s Not Become Like Japan

In light of the recent efforts by the Moon administration's efforts to raise the minimum wage and the arguments by his detractors, this article investigates Japan's lost 20 years to argue for increasing…

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