ISC This Month



  • 6th Anniversary of Founding the Plurinational State of Bolivia and Cultural Event “Alasita”

Upon invitation by the Embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in Korea, the International Strategy Center participated in the 6th Anniversary of the Founding of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and Cultural Even “Alasita.” The event started with welcoming remarks by the Ambassador Guadalupe Palomeque de Taboada. In 2009, in order to recognize its national diversity, Bolivia changed its official name from the Republic of Bolivia to the Plurinational State of Bolivia. This year also marks 10 years since the democratic government of President Evo Morales. For the past ten years, the government worked tirelessly to construct a Bolivia of dignity, national sovereignty, productivity, and democracy.

The Anniversary celebration was followed by the cultural event “Alasita.” Alasita in an event in which people ask Ekeko, the god abundance and fertility, for things that they want to realize in the coming year. Alasita takes place every year on January 24. People use toy money to buy miniature objects that represent luck and their wishes for the coming year. We left the event with a miniature house, hat, and grains.

  • Climate Justice Alliance Forum

On January 29, World Current Report chief editor Dae-Han Song attended the “Evaluation of the Paris COP 21 and Strategy Session for Korea’s Climate Justice Movement.” From November 30 to December 12, the 21st Conference of the Paris to the UNFCCC took place in Paris. Delegates to the Conference reported and evaluated the COP 21 and discussed the future path for the climate justice movement.