Readers Correspondence

Reader’s Correspondence  

We present to you some correspondence from our readers. We always welcome feedback. Thank you for another great report. As I am leaving for Venezuela today to spend a month visiting our campesino colleagues there i was particularly interested in all the perceptions in this report. It is interesting times in Venezuela and the revolution is in great danger. I will let you know what my perceptions are on my return in February. - Dr. Scott John (Australia)

Thank you my friends! - Sergio de Leon (Venezuela)

I finally opened my email box yesterday and saw the material. The articles by the observers of Venezuela’s general elections made my heart excited once again.

It makes me realize that everything begins and is created by the power of the people.

When we just look at our own land, the road ahead is dark and unclear, I applaud the people of Venezuela waging a revolution on the opposite corner of the world.

Thank you for sending me news about them. Keep up the hard work in these cold times! 

- Huh-Jeong Moon chae (South Korea)